Commercial Photography
Any commercial photography shoots include buildings, facilities, staff, etc.  Commercial shoots prices are defined by your requirements.

Little Fiddle Irish Bar, Christchurch

Event Photography
I can shoot photos of your events such as concerts, venues, dances, etc.  Event photography prices are negotiable.

Coca Cola Christmas in the Park 2019, Christchurch

Product Photography
I take photos of all products that companies offer.  We offer prices that are negotiable.

Smith&Co Bathroom Products

Photo Editing
I will retouch, manipulate, sharpen images supplied by you.  We have standard prices for this service.

Photo Digitalisation and Restoration
I will scan film, slides and physical photos supplied by you.  I also offer a restoration service to restore colour and clarity to the photo (photo dependant).

Social Media Management
I offer a range of social media options for commercial customers.  This includes social media management, social media advice, social media designed posts or simply photos for use on a companies social media accounts.